Rilis Developer Studio 2.3.1

Beberapa highlights:

  • Added action to synchronize device's RTC with the PC one
  • Updated trace logging behavior options (default path, prompt)
  • Reworked and clarified serial port settings management
  • Added capability to collect Firmware RAM dumps even from ports in production mode
  • Updated supported speeds above 1Mbits/s for serial ports
  • Support for SL301X/SL501X modules USB connectivity
  • Improved upload/download performances in File System view
  • Added filtering capability in traces view, to show only the highlighted lines
  • Improved traces view performance, introducing far more responsive display of incoming traces

Perbandingan Fisik Dari Wavecom Fastrack M1306, Supreme 10 Dan Xtend FXT009

Sering kami dihubungi baik via telepon, email ataupun Y!m oleh calon pembeli yang menanyakan apa perbedaan fisik dari modem Wavecom M1306, Supreme 10, dan Xtend.
Berikut kami berikan foto perbandingan modem - modem tersebut:
Tampak atas

Tampak depan

*Untuk tampilan yang lebih detail, silahkan klik foto di atas.

Developer Studio 2.3.0 Baru Saja Dirilis (per tanggal 10 Desember 2012)

Beberapa highlights:

  • Projects based on Q2698 are supported.
  • Project wizard has been updated to ease Application Framework selection per module. Preventing selecting incompatible Application Framework towards of module selection.
  • AT Command scripting: Developer Studio now provides the ability to manage AT commands sequence while using the target management, and execution is controlled within the console pane.
  • Automatic Open AT Application versioning: Developer Studio now update application version already defined with a build number based on timestamp. This is ensuring that Open AT application version is always updated, and improve application version identification within a device, especially while using Management Services.
  • Serial Port Monitoring: Ability to retrieve RS232 control signal status and manage DTR signal toggle to improve overall target control during a debug session.

Update terbaru Open AT® Application Framework 2.5

Lebih lengkap dapat dibaca di Sierra Wireless Software Suite Release Notes.
Atau hubungi kami untuk upgrade secara gratis!

Sierra Wireless AirLink Fastrack Xtend FXT009

Seri lanjutan dari Supreme 10
Key Features:

  • ARM 946, 32-bit, 104Mhz processor equipped with Open AT(R) real-time operating system
  • Quad-band EDGE connectivity for 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHZ frequency bands
  • Supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CSD
  • Full IPR protection

Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 10

Fastrack Supreme kini dilengkapi dengan expansion card yang memudahkan pengembang software/hardware untuk menambahkan konektifitas IO, seperti GPS, WiFi, Bluetoothe, Zigbee, dll.
Spesifikasi teknis:

  • Core ARM9, yang menjalankan Open AT® dengan DOTA II + Cache Memory
  • Expansion card, yang memungkinan pengembang untuk menambahkan IO, USB, atau GPS
  • Konsumsi listrik yang lebih hemat
  • Baterai cadangan untuk tanggal dan jam

Fastrack Supreme 10 merupakan de facto hardware yang paling banyak digunakan oleh software berbasiskan SMS, seperti SMS Center / Gateway.

Keunggulan Fastrack Supreme 10:

  • Stabilitas yang tinggi (mampu dioperasikan hingga 24/jam perhari, 7 hari/minggu!)
  • Handal (throughput SMS yang tinggi)
  • Expansion card/slot
  • Dukungan teknis dari distributor resmi

Bonus Software

Free SMS Center Software

Gratis software SMS!
Kirim & terima SMS melalui komputer

FreeSMS received 100LEAN award on


Fastrack Xtend FXT009

Wavecom Supreme 10

Air InterfaceEDGE
Frequency Bands850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Regulatory ApprovalsR&TTE, CE, GCF-CC, FCC, PTCRB
Standby and Idle2.5mA
Core Frequency104MHz (26MHz)
User MIPS Available87MIPS
Analog Audio1 x speaker out - 1 x micro in
Echo Cancellation and Noise ReductionYes (high)
UART2 (1 on internal expansion connector)
SPI2 on internal expansion connector
ADC1 on internal extension connector
DAC1 on internal extension connector
Interrupts Pins1 on internal expansion connector
Flash LED OutputNetwork
PWM BuzzerNo
Keyboard InterfaceNo
SIM InterfaceSIM socket (1.8V/3V)
Antenna DiversityNo
Embedded SIM1
Application FrameworkLinux
Management ServicesYes
Host OS CompatibilityLinux
Device Dimensions89x60x30mm
Temperature Range-30 to +75

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